TrapGen is your Trap Generating workhorse

Quality you have come to expect

TrapGen is the ultimate SNMP trap generator. First is its flexibility. The SNMP traps you can generate can be manipulated with an extensive variety of command line options, giving you unparalleled freedom to convey that important information.

TrapGen is also easy, consisting of a single executable with nothing to configure.

Simply the best

TrapGen is so simple. Simple is: what it does, it does well. That is why TrapGen is used in thousands of organization across the globe.


The SNMP Trap message. A marvel of communication effectiveness. TrapGen has been generating these messages since 1997. TrapGen helps you get the data into your back office systems where it can be put to use. TrapGen was created by network, systems, and management professionals used to producing and consuming these messages to get the job done.

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